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Green Island

Green Island is located just north of Smokey Cape lighthouse, and is only a short distance from shore. Rocky reef surrounds the island which is alive with a huge variety of fish, large rays, turtles and grey nurse sharks.

The dive site has an average depth of 14 metres, with a maximum depth of 18 metres.

Green Island is a Grey Nurse Shark critical habitat site. Divers can photograph these graceful sharks as they cruise through the walls of fish and are commonly seen gathering here in large numbers.

site greenisland


On a normal dive you can see dozens of very large drummer, hundreds of bream of quite good size, giant dusky flathead, thousands of yellowtail, large schools of Red morwong and friendly local black fish, also known as Ludrick.

A great dive site, especially for the second dive of the day. South West Rocks Dive staff will often tell of having some of their favorite all time dives at Green Island.


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