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Black Rock

Black Rock is located just south of Smokey Cape lighthouse.
Rocky crevices and resident turtles combine with tropical corals and thousands of schooling bait fish for a relaxing and interesting dive.

The dive site at Black Rock ranges between 8 and 15 metres and on a dive you can sometimes see even more fish than at Fish Rock.

Yellowtail, seapike, silver sweep, pomfret, nannygais, bullseyes, dozens of moon wrasse, blue gropers and combfish follow you on your dive as you swim around this amazing site.

site blackrock

The large resident turtles, egg cowries, lionfish, nudibranhcs and wobbygong's make this site a photographer's paradise.

Overall an excellant dive site, and it's depth is especially suited for second dives.


photo blackrock 01 photo blackrock 02