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Equipment Servicing

Enjoying your diving is very dependant on how well your equipment works.

Unfortunately most days on the boat we see equipment problems as a result of divers not regularly servicing their gear. Regulators and bcd's are designed to be serviced regularly and poorly maintained gear can result in a host of problems on your dive.

It is recommended that your equipment is serviced each year by a qualified technician. Corrosian build up can severly effect the working of your breathing system and premanentely damage the components. Even unused equipment suffers as a result of poor maintanance as dry orings can crack causing major air leaks.

Missing a dive you have been looking forward to for years because of poor equipment maintanance is not only heart breaking but the money you will have now spent to sit on the boat more than likely would have paid for the service anyway.

Our qualified technicians can service most major brands and take pride in their results. As most divers tend to dive more regularly in summer months we believe winter is the perfect time to service your equipment for the following season.

We can service equipment year round if need be although prefer to complete our servicing in the winter during the months of August, September, October and November.


We charge $100 + parts to fully service your regulators and bcd during this time period.

We charge $80 + parts if gear is returned for service the following year and each year into the future.

We charge $60 + parts if a 5 year service plan is purchased.

We charge $35 for cylinder hydro test + $15 for valve service.


If gear needs to be serviced outside of these months or is severly neglected we charge $130 + parts for regulators and bcd.

We warranty our workmanship until the following years service and any adjustments needed in this time are done free of charge.

Courtesy email's are sent as winter approaches to remind you to either send in your gear or give you an excuse to deliver your gear and come for a dive.