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Dive Boats

Double dives to Fish Rock Cave and other exciting destinations in the South West Rocks area depart daily onboard our Four surveyed dive vessels,Viper, Fish Rocket, Sea Wolf and Blue Bottle.


We are most proud to announce we have added yet another vessel to our fleet named 'VIPER'. This is a custom built 8 metre Oceaneer Custom vessel with a wide 3.1 metre beam. We purchased it at the end of June 2012 and spent a month building and fitting a new custom designed tank rack and seating to have it ready and on the water for the busy summer season ahead. It has been on the water since and has proven to be a hit with divers and a great new asset to this ever expanding business. It is surveyed for 11 divers, 2 dive masters and captain and will be the flag ship of the South West Rocks Dive Centre for many years to come. 

Our second newest vessel has now been on the water for nearly 2 years and appropriately named 'Fish Rocket'. We put this vessel into service after customising it to maximise divers comfort and fitted it out with a huge 300hp. Fish Rocket comfortably also seats 11 divers, 2 dive masters and a captain.

SeaWolf is our 3rd vessel, this boat is used for smaller groups of 6-8 divers with a dive master and captain. Being part of our fleet for nearly 10 years now SeaWolf has proven it self to be an extremely reliable vessel and a great boat to take on larger seas.

BlueBottle is the last of the fleet and even though she doesn't get to sea much these days is a great dive boat. Bluebottle has been the work horse since the business started back in 1980 and is a very comfortable 6.5 metre alloy catamaran. This vessel takes groups of 5 divers with a dive master and captain and makes for a very stable dive platform.

These boats have been especially built and modifed for diving. Each boat has ample storage space for your dive gear and special photographic equipment, and are very comfortable and extremely stable.

Divers usually gear up at the Dive Centre at 7:30 am for an 8:00 am departure. All dives are double dives unless other arrangements are made at the time of booking.

For all double dives, we supply the use of a second tank. We also provide warm drinks and snacks for that in-between dive interval. Depending on the location planned for your second dive, we spend the surface interval at Fish Rock, Black Rock or Green Island and have something to eat and drink while you talk about everything you saw on your dive.

All dives are guided by professional Dive Masters to ensure that you get the most enjoyment out of your diving at South West Rocks. They will also provide you with friendly service and advice on all dive related issues.

Our aim is for you to have the best possible dive trip and we are proud of the relaxed atmosphere at our shop and on board our dive boats.